West Virginia Lawyer Basic joins 47 different states in lawsuit in opposition to Fb

West Virginia Attorney General joins 47 other states in lawsuit against Facebook

WESTVIRGINIA (WDVM) – West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey filed a lawsuit against Facebook on Wednesday. Attorney General Morrisey joined 47 other attorneys general from 45 states as well as the district of Colombia and the Guam area.

The lawsuit alleges that Facebook “pirated competitors illegally and reduced services to minor threats.” The attorneys general claim that Facebook took a “buy or bury” approach. When a company refuses to be bought by the tech giant, Facebook makes it impossible for the company to operate within the website.

“America thrives best with robust competition,” said Attorney General Morrisey. “We must not tolerate acts that block meaningful access to the competition and exploit a user’s private information. Such behavior reduces consumer choice, stifles innovation, and undermines privacy for millions. “

The lawsuit cites Facebook’s purchases of WhatsApp (for $ 19 billion) and Instagram (for $ 1 billion), claiming these purchases are an example of the company’s attempt to compete with money offers well above market value remove.

The lawsuit requires Facebook to notify the states involved in the lawsuit in advance before acquiring anything worth $ 10 million or more.