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What to Know About Search and Seizure in Atlanta, Georgia

Oct 15

Search, and Seizure is a legal process that allows law enforcement officers in Atlanta, GA to search somebody or their property. Search, and Seizure often happen when a person is arrested but can be done without an arrest if there is probable cause that evidence of criminal activity will be found at the location being searched. Atlanta has one of the highest rates for Search and Seizure in Georgia. For more information on this topic, read below!

What is a search and Seizure in Atlanta, Georgia?

Atlanta, Georgia (GA) is a city and the state capital of defense attorney Atlanta. It was once the home of an ancient civilization that included both Creek and Cherokee Indian tribes. Atlanta, GA, is the largest city in the state, with over 450,000 residents. Atlanta's population is 85% white and 12% black (United States Census Bureau). A search and Seizure is a general term for any time a criminal lawyer near me takes action to find something. A search warrant allows law enforcement agents to enter private premises or conduct a traffic stop without requiring consent or permission from the owner. A search and Seizure do not include anybody's cavity searches.

How do you know when you have been searched or seized?

Being searched or seized is not the same thing. If you have been explored, it means that someone has looked through your belongings to see if they find anything illegal revocation hearing Atlanta. A seizure is when the police take property control by bringing it into their custody even though no crime may have occurred yet. An example would be a drug dog sitting next to contraband or an officer impounding a vehicle because he suspects drunk driving was involved.

What are the consequences of being searched or seized illegally?

If you've been searched or seized without a warrant, your case will most likely be thrown out of court. If there was no reason to explore and capture in the first place, any evidence gained from this illegal action is also considered null and void by law enforcement officials. You might find that it's best not to resist if police try to detain you unlawfully; however, speaking with a criminal defense attorney in Atlanta about what rights you do have may help protect yourself against further problems.

Why should I care about search and Seizure in Atlanta, Georgia?

Search and Seizure is a process that gives a law enforcement officer the ability to examine a person's possessions, such as an automobile or a house, for evidence of a crime. This is done without the person's permission. Search, and Seizure is typically allowed with a warrant, but there are exceptions to this rule as well. If you face criminal defense attorney Atlanta, it is vital to understand the search and seizure process.

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