Who was Eugène Poubelle? Google Doodle celebrates late French lawyer’s 190th birthday

Who was Eugène Poubelle? Google Doodle celebrates late French lawyer's 190th birthday

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the 190th birthday of Eugène Poubelle.

The legend that introduced litter bins to Paris died in 1907.


Eugène Poubelle was a French lawyer

Who was Eugène Poubelle?

Poubelle was a French lawyer, administrator and diplomat.

He is known for revolutionizing the waste management system in Paris.

In fact, the French word for trash can or trash can is “la poubelle”.

He was born on April 15, 1831 in Caen, France.

Poubelle became a professor after graduating from law school.

After that, he switched to public service and decided that Paris needed his help.

He urged all landlords to install large, covered containers for their attention.

And he even asked them to separate their trash into separate bins.

After a cholera outbreak in 1982, he made sure that all buildings were connected directly to the city’s sewer system.

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When did Eugène Poubelle die?

Poubelle died in Paris on July 15, 1907.

It is believed that he is buried in the Herminis cemetery near Carcassonne.

He would have been 190 years old today – and his legend lives on.

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