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Why Lawyers Still Read MyShingle – My Shingle

With my blog’s 18th birthday approaching next week, I’ve often wondered how I’ve stayed relevant after all these years. Despite a clunky looking website, mediocre search engine optimization, and spotty posts, my traffic stays strong and readers keep coming back or subscribing. However, I don’t offer many paid programs to build a 7 digit company in 7 days, or a membership forum or Facebook group – not because I’m old school, but because others are doing better. To be honest, I don’t even write that much about managing a practice – which software to choose, how to manage trust accounts, or when to do my first hiring – because I honestly find these topics extremely boring and sufficient from others covered so I can add something useful.

I’m still in a crowded field because I know my strengths. After all this time I have a passion for solos and smalls as well as for start-ups of law firms and am forever fascinated by their scrapping and innovative ability. I believe in the transformative power of law firm ownership to promote diversity in the legal profession and enable lawyers to change the world and leave a lasting legacy. Additionally, I support the dreams and aspirations of individual and small lawyers enough to advocate ethical rules that don’t stifle growth. After all, I don’t think we’re doing rocket science here. Anyone with enough determination can start a law firm and succeed beyond their wildest dreams. Over the years I have given thousands of attorneys the courage to start and the encouragement to keep going when things get tough.

I’m going to reorganize my website with its tons of content, but until then, here are some of my favorite posts that will give you a glimpse of what this website is about and what matters. I hope you like it!

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