Will Go After Media, Followers Spreading Rumours, Says Rhea Lawyer

Will Go After Media, Fans Spreading Rumours, Says Rhea Lawyer

Bollywood actress Rhea Chakraborty's attorney warned on Sunday that TV stations and people who spread rumors and "defame" Sushant Singh Rajput's 28-year-old partner must face the truth. "We will investigate people who defamed their lives and morals for two minutes of fame in electronic media with fake news and tried to destroy them," said attorney Satish Maneshinde.

He picked a so-called Sushant fan and Rhea's neighbors, whose supposed remarks on television are incredibly unbelievable. Maneshinde said, “One such person is Dimple Thawani, who claims he is an SSR fan and believes he is his soulmate by virtue of a previous association. She claims someone told her the SSR brought Rhea home on June 13th. "

However, when CBI asked Thawani for the details, she said that she had never seen Rhea and Sushant together, but she heard someone say this.

When asked if she could identify the person who told her this, she declined, saying she had no idea who that person was, the lawyer said.

Sushant was found hanging in his Mumbai home on June 14 – a celebrity death that thrilled the nation and preoccupied prime-time television with an overflow of theories and counter-conspiracies, including allegations that the actor was on drugs, and Rhea helped him to get that stuff.

The lawyer said Thawani's pre-life vision was "an unfounded rumor". "It's from someone who is part of the media circus and wants to share the spotlight with others who claim to know SSR. Her testimony was recorded by CBI today. I would ask any honest journalist to go to her now and record what." she has to say, ”said Maneshinde.

CBI officers apparently went to Rhea's block of flats on Sunday to collect her family's cell phone numbers, and they also interviewed Thawani.

The Rhea legal team will forward to the CBI a list of individuals "who have made false and false claims on television and electronic media," including cell phone recordings and "fake stories" on the SSR case related to Rhea. Her attorney said, “We will ask the CBI to follow up on you and record your statements. We will be calling on the CBI to bring legal proceedings against them in order to mislead the investigation. "

After the drug case – apparently 59g of curated marijuana was found on her – and an intense media trail, Rhea was arrested and spent a month in jail. The Mumbai Supreme Court granted her bail on October 7, ruling that Section 27A of the NDPS Act did not apply to the case. “She doesn't belong to drug dealers. She has not passed the drugs she allegedly procured to anyone else for cash or other benefit. Since she has no criminal record, there are reasonable grounds to believe that she is unlikely to commit any crime on bail. There are reasonable grounds to believe that she is not guilty of any offense punishable under Sections 19, 24 or 27A (NDPS Act) or any other offense of commercial quantity, ”the court ruled.

But Rhea isn't free yet. The court asked her to show her passport to the investigative agency – the Narcotics Control Bureau. She was also asked to report to the nearest police station between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. for ten days (until October 17).

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