Woman shoots at district attorney – Red Bluff Daily News

Vehicle knocks down power lines Friday, causing small fire at Rancho Tehama

District Attorney MJ Cheatham of Tehama County narrowly escaped the shot just before 11 a.m. this morning when Miss Nina K. Robinson, an apparently insane woman, aged 40, shot a bullet with a .38 automatic revolver she had fired at him tucked in a purse during a brief interview with him.

She shot him at close range, but the bullet missed its target and was embedded in the wall of the hallway directly in front of the prosecutor’s office where the interview was taking place.

Miss Robinson had requested the arrest of Thomas R. Walton, a well-known Red Bluff resident who had been in the dairy business for many years and whom she seemed to harbor an old grudge against for supporting her seventeen-year-old daughter, just moments earlier. She claimed that Mr. Walton was the girl’s father.

When Miss Robinson realized that Mr. Cheatham would not comply with her request, she opened fire and hastily retired from the prosecution of Undersheriff Henry A. Martin and the called City Marshal Frank Montgomery, as well as Mr. Cheatham himself.

The office door was slammed in the face by the prosecutor as he left the room. She promptly fired four more shots in quick succession. The bullets splintered the door and hit the wall in the hallway at the head of the stairs that led from the Walnut Street entrance to the Bank of Tehama County building, where Mr. Cheatham’s office is on the second floor.

– April 30, 1921