YouTube Channel Creator Sues Officer After Quotation

YouTube Channel Creator Sues Officer After Citation

The creator of the YouTube channel is suing the officer for an allegedly forged ticket.

Salt Lake City, 44, Jose Ramirez-Medina has a YouTube channel where he confronts officials by videotaping their actions and asking them questions. Now he has the federal civil rights lawsuit against Sgt. Sean McCarthy and West Valley City accusing officers of filing a false quote against him. Ramirez’s attorney Karra Porter said her client had the right of free speech under the First Amendment.

The lawsuit revolves around an April 12, 2018 incident in which Ramirez was in a parking lot and as a spectator filmed officers driving over a vehicle. McCarthy lit Ramirez Medina during the obstruction.

“Jose asked the officers to stop, but the officers kept putting the spotlight on him. The spotlight was so bright it temporarily blinded Jose. Jose was alerted by his blindness, “the lawsuit continues.” Ramirez called 911 and asked for medical help. He told the dispatchers he could see, but I see blur. And when I close my eyes I see the spotlight. ‘”

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

McCarthy said he was familiar with Ramirez-Medina’s YouTube channel and told him, “I know what you are talking about, sir. I am not going to stand here arguing about it and arguing about it so you can get me on camera and say something stupid, okay? The sole purpose of this YouTube page is to film police officers engaging them in confrontations. Its front page reads: “Cops today are nothing but stupid, stupid beasts hired for their low IQ and used by the powers-that-be to control the masses and raise revenue for the state by legalizing the American pout extorted from our hard earned money. ‘”

However, the Ramirez-Medina lawsuit states: “The description of the channel is inaccurate and the quote the Defendant McCarthy quoted was from a public comment by a third party.”

In a recording from McCarthy’s body camera, Ramirez-Medina is heard saying, “Just so you know, I’m hijacking your call here. I’ll give him a ticket. “He picks up the phone and says,” This is the fourth time this week that I’ve had a problem just to videotape people. It’s not against the law to videotape people, but it’s against the law to call constantly. “

Then you hear Ramirez-Medina say: “You have to get me, I can’t drive now. I am blind. I was blinded. “

McCarthy replies, “This is the fourth time this week that you’ve called 911 to report some kind of crime and get us where you are.”

On April 18, 2018, Ramirez was also charged with emergency abuse, a Class C offense. Porter also represented Ramirez in this case.

“West Valley City brought in criminal information against Jose for 911 abuse, knowing the allegations against him were false. When West Valley City was ordered by the court to provide a probable cause statement in support of the information, it instead quickly dropped the charges, ”it said. Retaliation is protected by the first change. (McCarthy) just put it out for Jose because he doesn’t like his YouTube channel. “


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